The Benito Villamarín Stadium

The Benito Villamarín Stadium, apart from being the venue for Real Betis Balompié’s home fixtures, is the centre of all the Green-and-White activities. In constant evolution, the stadium has every facility for members coming to watch first team matches. There are a great variety of tickets that give access to the Stadium with a total capacity for more than 52,500 spectators. Supporters can choose the area of the ground where they wish to follow the fortunes of their club.

Amongst the entry options, the numerous VIP boxes attract great interest along the whole length of the pitch. There are 25 boxes in Fondo and 21 boxes in Gol Norte. They all have excellent facilities and are available in different sizes to accommodate 13, 15 and 19 people. When watching a live match the guests can see highlights and repetitions on the television screens provided.

Remember, you can visit the Real Betis Balompié stadium with the guided Betis Tour. On this trip around the stadium you will discover the past and present of our club in an entertaining way, an essential experience for all Betis fans.

The Benito Villamarín Stadium has a car park; members can rent any of the 200 spaces available for match days. Independent of the match day use of this facility, members and non members of Real Betis Balompié can rent these spaces during the week. New office accommodation within the building houses the club’s offices. The offices for the sporting sections of the club are also in this building but the youth sections have their offices at the Luis Del Sol Training Centre.

Areas of the building are available to members of the press so they can work in comfort. Commentary boxes have a specific location in the stands, to be used only by commentators. Graphic reporters have a room next to the pressroom to make their work easier. The pressroom has been fitted with the latest technology making it a multifunctional facility providing a setting for managers' press conferences as well as an auditorium for other events such as conferences, training sessions and audiovisual presentations. There is also an area for what is called the mixed zone for ad hoc post match interviews according to UEFA requirements.

In the stands in Gol Norte and Fondo are the ticket windows. The official store is in the corner between Preferencia and Gol Norte.

Stadium Benito Villamarín

  • Turf type: natural

  • Dimensions: 105 x 68 m

  • Capacity: 60.721

  • Inauguration: 1929. Reformed in 1982 and 2000 and 2017

  • Architect: Antonio González Cordón, Manuel López Ruiz


  • North Stand: A. Lower Tier - B. Middle Tier- C. Upper Tier

  • South Stand: A. Lower Tier - B. Middle Tier- C. Upper Tier

  • Preference: E. Lower Tier - F. Middle Tier - G. Upper Tier

  • Back: H. Lower Tier - I. Middle Tier- J. Upper Tier