Luis del Sol Training Centre

Located in the Bermejales neighbourhood, on the Avenida de Italia, the Luis Del Sol Training Centre is a production line for Green-and-White players. Every year, diamonds found in the Academy are polished. It is the ideal setting in which these youngsters realise that to follow your dreams you do not need to leave your birthplace.

In order to undertake this work in the best conditions, the coaches and technicians at Real Betis Academy require the best facilities. In these surroundings, all the Real Betis Balompié players, from the first team to the youngest players, all share the same dream – to wear the shirt of the Thirteen Stripes.

The name Luis Del Sol given to the Training Centre is the way the club wants to remember one of the best players ever to have represented the club and to have been part of its hundred year history, a player known as “Siete Pulmones" (seven lungs). The large venue is divided into an number of football pitches, with two turf pitches mainly used for the first team training sessions and for the second Green-and-White team’s fixtures, Betis B. Pitch number 1 now has stands.

The Training Centre has another two pitches, one used for 7-a-side football by the youngest players. The second pitch, also laid with artificial turf, is a training ground for other sections of the Green-and-White academy and for matches during weekends. The later has stands so supporters can cheer on their future idols. The Training Centre’s facilities include changing rooms, gyms, medical services and a laundry, amongst others.

The club’s development policy for the Academy includes continuous improvements to the aforementioned facilities. A project of reference is the building between the two natural turf pitches. These are completely new installations for the first team, housing new changing rooms, a gym, medical rooms, water room, press room, café, laundry and a car park. This building provides the base for stands and press facilities.

The final stage of this project is the renovation of the current first team facilities so that our increasing academy can improve their work areas and improve conditions for the youngsters.


Location: Avenida de Italia s/n, 41012, Sevilla.


  • 2 11-a-side football pitches, natural turf

  • 1 11-a-side football pitch, artificial turf

  • 1 7-a-side football pitch, artificial turf

  • 2 changing room areas

  • 2 Cafés

  • Laundry

  • Gyms

  • Medical centres

  • Pressroom

  • Car park