If any Betis fan or company would be interested in financially cooperating with real Betis Balompié Foundation and their social projects, they could do it through any donation in the following bank account at Caixa Bank on behalf of Real Betis Balompié Foundation:

IBAN: ES06 2100 8440 4622 0004 8569


Once the transfer is made, the Foundation will produce a certificate for a tax deduction, with a deduction of a 25% for natural people and a 35% of corporate taxes.


Real Betis Balompié Foundation is open for the involvement of all those fans who want to participate as volunteers. Being a volunteer means using time in a conscious, free and stable way for the needs of other people and social improvement.

For this, send an email to info@fundació and we will contact you.

The requirements of the Volunteer Law (6/1996, 15 of January) are:

  • To be of altruist and solidary nature.

  • To be done freely.

  • To have no economic compensation.

  • To be developed by private or public organisations in regard to a concrete program or project.

  • To not replace paid work.

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