Objectives of the foundation

What is Real Betis Balompié Foundation?

Real Betis Balompié Foundation has interest in promoting sports in general and football in particular as means of encouraging the education in values, fight against margination and social exclusion, as well as bringing healthy habits among child and youngsters.

In this sense, the Foundation works under the parameters established by Real Betis Balompié historical and philosophical values, and the Club’s universal social dimension.

To achieve these goals, the following activities, among others, will be undertaken:

  • Organisation and promotion of all kinds of sporting activities.

  • Promotion of Academy and amateur football.

  • Activities focused on the sports formation and technification, for coaches and athletes, as well as managers and directors of sporting institutions.

  • Research, studies and publications related with the objects and activities of the Foundation.

  • Conservation, promotion, diffusion and assessment of the Real Betis Balompié historical, cultural and social patrimony.

  • Management and use of the sporting facilities and equipment in which the activities will take place, whether they belong to Real Betis Balompié or any other public or private institution.

  • Cooperation actions and promotion of sports in developing countries.

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