Real Betis is the first club in Spain with a sensory room in Benito Villamarín Stadium for people with autism

Real Betis ? Las Palmas will be the game for disability. Apart from the opening of said room, the anthem will be interpreted in sign language; the players will get into the pitch with functional diversity kids; and the Betis Genuine team will be presented to the fans.

David, Thiago and Marco are three children who will go watch Real Betis at Benito Villamarín Stadium for the first time. And they will be able to enjoy football. The three kids have autism and thanks to the new sensory room implemented in the Green and White coliseum, they will experience live football for the first time. In the game against UD Las Palmas - the game for disability - the three of them will have the opportunity to enjoy a football game live and improve their experience in this kind of event.

The lights, the voices of 50,000 fans and other sounds make it impossible for people with autism, a cognitive disorder or disability to attend a football match. The noise can be threatening, irritating or exhausting for them. These rooms provide a safe atmosphere from where they can watch the game without the inconveniences that the overstimulation from the stands bring to them.

The sensory room at Benito Villamarín Stadium will the first among Spanish football clubs and will be equipped with interactive activities and items, as well as adjustable lighting. This space is specially designed so every person can feel secure and relaxed and watch the game through the glass.

This is just one of the actions that will be implemented in the Game for Disability, a match aimed to promote inclusion and accessibility in football stadiums. One of the most special moments will be the anthem. 60 people will interpret Real Betis anthem in sign language on the pitch. Since last season, the anthem is displayed with the lyrics and in sign language on the score screens.

Before the kick-off, the Real Betis Genuine team will be presented to the fans, and the players of the first team will get into the pitch with functional diversity escort kids. 

Prior to the game, the players will wear a shirt with their number displayed as in the Ishihara test, one of the tests used to diagnose and classify color alteration perception, commonly known as color blindness.

In the fan zone, the flamenco dance company José Galán will do an inclusive show at 8 p.m. This dance company, founded in 2010, is formed by people with functional diversity, a pioneer and innovative company in creating accessible flamenco.

Real Betis Balompié have been developing this match in the last seven seasons, always close to the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, which is observed on the 3rd of December. Last season, the Club held 'The Most Inclusive Game in the World', a match that broke the world record with the highest number of fans with functional diversity in the stands: 1,740. This initiative was possible thanks to the collaboration of Integrated Dreams and World Football Summit.

Disability and accessibility department at Real Betis

Real Betis are working to improve the fan experience on match days. This way, the Club has a specific group of voluntaries in charge of the service 'We get you to your seat', helping people with a disability or mobility issues. Also, Real Betis have made available to their fans sensory packages for people with autism, becoming the first team in LaLiga in implementing this initiative.