Real Betis amplifies their Presence in Iraq with the opening of a new academy in Dohuk.

Real Betis adds their third permanent Arabic camp and their second in Iraq, carrying the methodology, values, and brand to the future players to the city in the Kurdistan region

Seville, June 14th, 2023. Real Betis inaugurates their new camp, Real Betis Academy Dohuk, which will join other permanent academies of the club already present in the Arabic country such as one of the first of this sports project, the Real Betis Academy Baghdad. Both sites form part of the international expansion strategy of Real Betis.

This new academy is in the Iraq city of Dohuk, a locality pertinent to the Kurdistan region, which will be a new market for Real Betis. Through this new project, the Club will offer great opportunities for growth in sports to the players of the city and community. Real Betis Academy will open its doors to all the future soccer talents who want to be a part of Real Betis. 

The Arabic market is key for the entity. Through this, Real Betis academy counts with a fixed site in Baghdad, another academy that just started in Jordania, together with a campus recently celebrated in El Cairo and soon will become a permanent sports project, and other Real Betis Camps in Delhi. 

Real Betis Academy Dohuk will welcome players from ages 5 to 18, who will train under the highest global standards of soccer through the football methodology of Real Betis, imparted by some of the best soccer trainers who have been trained by the technicians of Real Betis. 

Additionally, some of the soccer players will have the opportunity to travel to Seville to participate in the experience Inside Betis, through which they can get to know Real Betis from training inside the team's facilities. 

Real Betis put into action this Arabic academic at the hand of Luluat Almustakbal F.P.C., the same entity that started the academy in Baghdad. "We are very happy to open a new branch of Real Betis Academy in Iraqi Kurdistan - Dohuk, being that it is of great importance, we already have a strategic site, and with this we will continue developing soccer in Iraq, working to give young talents to Real Betis," affirmed Nabil Saadi Alkhafaj, representative of Real Betis Academy Dohuk.

Ramón Alarcón, CEO of Real Betis, has assured that this new project will generate great opportunities for players within the country. "We will continue expanding the values, colors, and methodology of the club throughout the world. With the opening of this new camp we are adding to the 31 international projects that already exist. Entering the Arabic market is a strategic move for the international expansion of the club. This academy adds to the bid and development that Real Betis has in the zone with the international sports projects, Forever Green, and the opening in Arabic social media." 

For their part, Juan Parra, representative of the Sports Sector of the Foundation, has added that "through our methodology and together the experience that the players live during the season will help them grow in an exponential manner in the education of values and soccer abilities." 

Real Betis Academy is a national and international program of the development of the soccer base of Real Betis Balompie. The objective of this project is to bring the methodology of the club to all the world in a permanent manner to the boys and girls who are looking to add value to their soccer experience and enjoy high level training methodology. More than 1,500 soccer players are part of Real Betis Academy, which already counts more than 31 international projects with sites in the United States, Mexico, Egypt, Algeria, Zimbabwe, El Salvador, Venezuela, and Georgia.