The Peña 1987 (1987 supporter's club) is a continuation of our 'Poli' supporters' club. It was formed by a group of friends that went to the Amate Sports Complex to watch matches and as an homage to team physio Hipólito Gallardo. The group changed until in 2004 it re-launched with the name 'Peña 1987'.

During its existence, the group has participated in various activities with the team: helping with travel arrangements in both the league and the Copa del Rey, delivering commemorative souvenirs to the players, introducing the 'Árbitro la hora' (Time, ref) award which was won by the player who scored the first basket of the game on the most occasions during the course of the season (we all shouted it when we scored first), the creation of programmes to be handed out at matches, etc.

Nowadays, few members of the original group remain, though it continues to be located in the the same stand as ever (the Grada Telescópica B impar), in front of our bench. Its relationship with the club has always been cordial.