El Descanso

The origin of the 'El Descanso' (The rest) supporters' club dated back to 2007, when various long-serving season ticket holders of Cajasol (previously Caja San Fernando) crossed paths with them at half-time during one of the two games between the side that season. As the season went on, the groups became good friends and one day the idea of a supporters' club was floated.

It was the following season, 2008/09, when the club finally began to take shape and gather impetus, with a bad run of form for the team leaving the fans keen to show their support in the bad times as well as the good.

With that idea in mind we started to make plans. The size of the group started to swell, whilst the use of Caja's forum on the ACB website lead to a number of fans gathering at Santa Justa train station to show the support for the team as they traveled to Madrid to play Fuenlabrada. The fans also delivered a letter to the club, expressing their feelings towards the club and the support that they retained for the team even in the bad times.

From there, 'El Espíritu de Santa Justa' (The Spirit of Santa Justa), as we would later name ourselves, took root deep within those present and the 'El Descanso' (The rest) supporters' club was born, being officially registered in May 2009.

As of today (10-10-19) the supporters' group has around 50 members of all colours and creeds. It is made up of families with children, teenagers and adults, all of which are united by our love of basketball and, of course, the club.

As well as showing their support during games and helping the club's chances, we also take the opportunity to plan other recreational and cultural identities which we always base around the club that we know and love.

We invite you to get to know us and urge you to get in touch for whatever you consider appropriate.