The Peña Universitaria (University supporters' club) is one of CDB Sevilla's oldest. Our group was founded on February 17, 2000 as the 1999/2000 season unfolded and was later officially registered at the Registry of Associations of the Province of Seville.

Everything started from the idea of a group of friends from the Chemistry faculty of the University of Seville who were big fans of 'Caja'. The friends had been considering founding a supporters' club for some time in order to unite the many Caja fans that existed at the University and that were regularly attending games. Thus the 'Peña Universitaria' was born.

Little by little, new partners and friends joined the project. They didn't just come from Chemisty either, but rather from a multitude of other faculties, as well as alumni, teachers, admin staff, etc. Our real debut in front of the fans came during the 2000/01 season, when our supporters' club managed to group together 50 members and 30 season ticket holders to cheer on our team from the North Stand (Fondo Norte).

Enthusiastic but inexperienced, we slowly managed to start several projects: reforming our statues, organising our first official trip with the team as we traveled to Alicante to watch a Liga ABC game against Proaguas Costablanca, making banners featuing our famous owl, designing and handing out our membership card and creating our mascto 'Epi'.

Dure the last decade and more accompanying and supporting the team from the San Pablo's North Stand (Fondo Norte), our supporters' club has managed to gather together more than 400 members, of which 100 reguarly attend the games, making us one of the team's biggest supporters' groups. However, the biggest asset of our group is the people who form part of it. As we like to say, above anything else we are a group of good friends and good people that enjoy the basketball together.

Via this page we want to invite all of you who don't know us to come and joins us and share in the good atmosphere of the North Stand (Fondo Norte) and the Peña Universitaria.