Farewell leter from Rubi

The former coach dedicates these lines to the Club and the fans

I am no longer Real Betis coach and I feel pain, disappointment and irritation for all the things that happened. I say goodbye, following the decision of the Administration Board, with this explanation to all the Béticos. I would like to do it so in the same press room where I was unveiled, but the current social situation does not allow us to have a warm moment. Here's my remembrance to all the people who passed away during this pandemic and my love and support to all their families and friends.

I want to thank the Club for all this time together, with all their employees, great professionals. To the players, whose daily effort and dedication did not come with the reward they deserved. To the media, for the respect they showed. But, above everything, I will take with me the uninterested love of the fans. To them, especially, I am forever thankful. Our followers managed to make our adaptation easier by making us feel like part of them, as if we had always been here. They instilled in us the Green and White history and culture.

As a team, we have not gotten good results; we have always been trailing in the competition, and trying to fix situations that went against us sometimes when it seemed that stability was about to come. Football has given us different scenarios but always quite cruel ones in spite of what was seen on the playing field. I am not looking for excuses. I am just expressing my particular vision of how we have felt during this time.

Apart from that, we had the privilege of experiencing some beautiful, and even historic, moments, such as Joaquín's hat-trick against Athletic Club in just 20 minutes or the victory over Real Madrid. Some of the most magical things we are taking with us are the moments and experiences at Benito Villamarín. I still get goose bumps when remembering them. The sound of the anthem, the different chants from the fans, or how the stands roar when Real Betis attack or score a goal.

I also wanted to state that Seville is a wonderful city and Real Betis an institution that is worth to know. I say farewell really thankful to all Betis universe. I am a person who is in love with Andalusia and Real Betis: "My old friend, tonight I will be with you again?"

Joan Francesc Ferrer 'Rubi'