Quique Setién, during the game against Real Racing Club de Santander.

Setién: “We didn’t perform well, Racing were better than us in many aspects”

Press conference

Quique Setién addressed the media at El Sardinero after the game against Racing de Santander.

Match analysis: "We began well in the first minutes and we had a lot of difficulties later on. Racing put us under pressure, they pressed well and we were also quite imprecise. We were late in the pressing, they read the game well. They put on a great performance and they did almost everything well except in the final metres where didn't make good shoots. They didn't have clear chances either, just a couple. However, they controlled us and we didn't find the way even if we were playing on their half of the pitch. We have been very imprecise on the ball and we didn't make good choices. We didn't perform well, Racing were better than us in many aspects".

Possession: "Possession can be useful for some things such as not conceding many chances. We suffer quite a lot when we don't have the ball. We try to manage the ball well and take it away from the rival. We struggle in defence when we don't have the possession. It's been a hard game and the rival was in great form. They did well and has been a hard game, just as I expected. All the LaLiga teams playing this competition have had a hard time in this round so far."

Robert: "We are following him as well as other players that did not come today and are also really good. He's a lad with a great potential, same with Edgar and Kaptoum. The three of them have been really good today. Robert was great in the minutes he played, he showed a lot of personality. He should have played more minutes but the game wasn't easy. I always believe that you have to play the lads to see what their level is. Some already showed it last year, you can see where they are. I always try to see the players, even if right now they still lack some things. You have to play them to make these things improve and be useful for the team in the future."

El Sardinero: "It's always special. I've been here many times in the stands and on the pitch. It's been a long time, but this is my team: the one that saw me grow and gave me the chance to be what I am today. Even as a manager, I made my debut here, too. I always feel something special when I come here and that will never change."