HISTORY / Real Betis' routs in Europe

5-0 against Vejle from Denmark and 6-0 against Jablonec from Czech Republic, both at home, are the biggest scores by the Green and Whites in their European matches

By Manolo Rodríguez


Real Betis has won by more than two goals of difference in five matches in all the European competitions they have played. The last one of them was quite recent when the team beat F91 Dudelange 3-0 on the 4th of October 2018 in the first game at home of the current UEFA Europa League. The goals were scored by Sanabria, Lo Celso and Tello.

A solid 3-0 was also the score when the Green and Whites against Willem II from The Netherlands in the UEFA Cup 1998-99, and the same result happened in the UEFA Cup 2002-03 against the Bulgarian side FK Viktoria Zizkov.

The first of the aforementioned matches, the one against Willem II, was held at Villamarín on the 3rd of November 1998 and the goals came through Finidi, Benjamín and Fernando. Against the Bulgarians, also at Heliópolis, played on the 14th of November 2002, the three goals were scored by Gastón Casas, Joaquín (the only one so far he's ever scored in Europe) and Joao Tomás.


However, history still accounts two other victories achieved with a difference bigger than three goals. Two uncontested victories that could be named as the best Real Betis results in Europe.

The first one of them occurred on the 29th of September 1998. It was the Last 64 round in UEFA Cup. Real Betis got drawn with Danish team Vejle BK and, against all odds, the team lost 1-0 in the first leg played in Odense. The score drew attention but it was not a surprise, as the Club was back then in a complex and confusing situation due to the difficult situation at the team's bench. Luis Aragonés had resigned, Portuguese coach Antonio Oliveira had been dismissed and Vicente Cantatore had just arrived to take the helm.

Things were not working well and when the Danish arrived, Real Betis had not won a single game that season. Five games with three defeats and two draws. Perhaps for that reason, the fans only covered half of Benito Villamarín's capacity for the game against the Nordics. People were not happy.

That day, a lot pressure was steamed off. In a great performance, Betis won 5-0. Their first big rout in Europe.

Belgian referee Eric Blareau conducted the game and these were the line-ups:

Real Betis: Prats; Jaime, Solozábal, Ureña, Luis Fernández; Finidi, Alexis (Merino, m.79), Ito, Denilson (Fernando, m. 85); Iván Pérez, Oli (Gálvez, m.60). 

Vejle BK: Boye; Sonkisen, Scholtz, Harder (Dalgas, m.54), Sorensen; Facius, Risom, Sogaard, Fig (Wael, m.64); Graulund, Jung (Mikelsen, m.59).

One name outstood that night and it was, without a doubt, Iván Pérez, Alfonso's younger brother. He scored three goals, two of them in the first 20 minutes, making the only hat trick scored by a Betis player in Europe. The other two goals came through Finidi and Gálvez and it was perhaps the first time in which Denilson shone. Something that was commented, as manager Vicente Cantatore had said previously that he was not happy at all with the Brazilian.

Fifteen years went by to witness such an uncontested victory by Real Betis in Europe. During that time, the Green and White fans had the pleasure to watch the Champions League at home. Since that year, though, since 2006, European nights had been long forgotten. As well as many other things.

They had to wait until the 2012-13 season to see their team get a rightful spot in Europe, managed by Pepe Mel and in the middle of the Club's social reconstruction. Rubén Castro and Jorge Molina were the key players of that project.

The new continental adventure began on the 22nd of August 2013 in the city of Jablonec, north of Czech Republic, in the 4th previous round of the UEFA Cup. There, dressed in light blue, Real Betis won 1-2 with goals from Jorge Molina and Cedrick Mabwati.

The second leg was played one week later at Benito Villamarín, on the 29th of August. Another night to be remembered as Betis put 6 past the Czech. A satisfaction that, unluckily, was one of the few that year.

El partido de vuelta se disputó en el Benito Villamarín una semana más tarde, el 29 de agosto. Otra noche para el recuerdo. El Betis se desató y goleó por 6-0 a los checos. Una satisfacción como, desgraciadamente, no habría muchas a lo largo del año.

30,000 fans attended and the referee in charge was Aleksei Nikolae from Romania. These were the line-ups:

Real Betis: Andersen; Chica, Amaya, Jordi Figueras, Nacho (Chuli, m.74); Juanfran, Xavi Torres, Matilla, Salva Sevilla; Rubén Castro (Cedrick, m.52), Jorge Molina (Braian Rodríguez, m.59).

Jablonec: Spit; Eliás, Rossi, Benes, Novak; Piták (Kuvista, m.74), Loucka, Vosahlik (Tresnak, m. 46), Hubník; Cízek (Kopic, m.46), Vanek.

The first goal was scored by Rubén Castro who, after playing 52 minutes, left injured and spent five games off the pitch. A period of time that was determinant at the end of the season.

The resto f goals were scored by the Czech Benes (own goal), Matilla, Molina, Braian Rodríguez and Xavi Torres.

That is, at this moment, the biggest victory by Real Betis in continental competitions. A tennis score that allowed Betis to advance in a competition that ended bitterly that year.

Five years later, Real Betis is back in Europe and let's hope is for good. And if new routs come by, welcome they are.