Real Betis joins Sorare fantasy football game

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Real Betis Balompié has joined Sorare, an online football fantasy platform. Sorare is a fantasy football game where fans can trade official blockchain cards, build teams and earn rewards every week. Real Betis is one of the first Spanish football clubs to join Sorare. The game is officially licensed by more than 40 football clubs such as Juventus, Atletico de Madrid, Olympique Lyonnais or Spartak Moscow.


How does it work?

To participate in Sorare's fantasy football game, you need to create a team of five blockchain cards to gain access to tournaments, to fight for rewards and achievements. Fantasy managers are ranked depending on their players' performances on the pitch and bonus points related to the value of their blockchain cards.

Players can win weekly prizes in global tournaments. Winning is affected by the rarity of the cards included in the squad, as well as weekly players' actual results.


Which player cards can I get or purchase on Sorare?

Each Real Betis player available for sale in Sorare's fantasy game will be issued with unlimited free common cards, 10 'super rare' cards, and one final 'unique' card. A player's line-up will be composed of five cards of certain mandatory posts, such as goalkeeper, forward, and defender.

Common cards are cards that you get when you sign-up on Sorare. You can play with them in the rookie leagues. However, if you want to move to the upper leagues and win some rewards, then you will need some super rare or unique cards.


What can I win in Sorare's game with Real Betis players?

Depending on the level of the game (there are seven divisions), as well as the number of previous victories, a reward can be both a remuneration in cryptocurrency and super rare cards of players.

More information is available on the Sorare site.