Real Betis will have their own electronic sports sections with Cream Esports

With the union of both organizations, apart from competing in the FIFA eLaLiga Santander, Cream Real Betis will participate in national and international leagues of games such as CSGO, Rainbow 6, Clash Royale, League of Legends, PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, and Fortnite

Real Betis Balompié and the electronic sports professional team Cream Esports have reached an integration agreement that will allow the Club to enter in the emerging sector of videogame competitions, which audience grows every year. This is a pioneer agreement in Spanish football that brings together for the first time a professional football team and a leading native Esports team.

Thanks to this union, Cream Real Betis, that will be the name of this new section of the Club, will compete in the following electronic sports:

o CSGO. In the One Tap League, the best national league, apart from other international tournaments such as ESEA Advanced.
o Rainbow 6. The main national league is the R6 Spain Nationals, where the Club will take part with the same name. 
o Clash Royale. In the Orange Crown League, the most important in Spain, and the Clash Royale League, a leading reference worldwide.
o League of Legends, competing in the main Mexican league.
o PUBG Mobile. In this videogame, Cream Real Betis has the reigning champion in Latin America and one of the best in Europe.
o Free Fire, with a top-flight team in Latin America.
o FIFA. The reference in football videogame. The Club will participate in the eLaLiga Santander.
o Fortnite, with one of the best teams in Spain and Europe.

Real Betis began their relationship with the Esports sector in December of 2016 to participate in the Virtual Football Organization (VFO), in the 11vs11 mode, along with other professional football teams. Later, the team also competed in different national and international tournaments organized by LaLiga, also in FIFA, but in the 1vs1 mode, in which Real Betis already participated alongside Cream Esports.

Now, the Club decided to take a step forward and link their brand with one of the reference clubs in this sector. The aim is to fully enter in other gaming modes that have a huge success at national and international levels.

"We have been analyzing this sector that has such a big impact in the young audience and, obliviously, among the Béticos, for some time. The numbers are spectacular and they keep growing. This is a sector of continuous growth and we believe that the best way to enter in it was alongside a reference club like Cream Esports. They will bring their knowledge, experience and national and international projection in this sector" said Ramón Alarcón, business general manager at Real Betis.

On his part, Diego Soro, general manager at Cream Real Betis, spoke of the added value that joining the Green and White institution has. "We have learned a lot in recent years in which we have been constantly growing. Now we have an excellent opportunity to give our project a boost with Real Betis, joining them and doing what each part knows how to do best. This is a huge responsibility and a challenge to put one of the historical clubs as a reference in Esports. This is our motivation" said Soro.

About Cream Esports

Cream Esports is a club born in 2017 with the initiative of several entrepreneurs with a big presence in Latin America and Spain. From the beginning, they have been expanding their presence at geographical level and in different games. They became a multigaming brand that outstood in the top Clash Royale competition at world level. They have won several championships in this game. They have also been champion in different League of Legends competitions in Argentina and Mexico; world runner-up in Free Fire; or Latin American champion in PUBG Mobile.

They also have teams in the top competitions in Spain of Clash Royale, Rainbow 6, CSGO, FIFA and Fortnite. With more than 80 people in their squad, they want to take a leap forward in the Club's professionalization, generate more engagement and synergy with their fans and take Betis brand to a new level.