Real Betis will refund or compensate part of the season tickets of the 2019/2020 season

The holders will have the option of cash return for the games they could not enjoy; get compensation in the price of the season ticket for next year; or donate to the Club and their Foundation

Real Betis have activated the protocol for the return of the amount corresponding to the five homes of the current 2019/2020 season that will be played behind closed doors in Benito Villamarín Stadium. Also, mechanisms of compensation and donation have been created to minimize the impact of the economic crisis in Real Betis. The Club will inform of the timing of this process and the procedure to follow in each one of the options, which will be made through a specific website.

Real Betis Balompié would like to thank all the Béticos for the understanding and patience shown in such a difficult period as this one we are all experiencing as a society. These are difficult times, unknown for many generations, and they precise of special measures so we can all keep advancing. Betis is an important part of our lives, our families, and the Club want to be closer than ever to the Béticos. The Club want to especially thank the work done by all the fans that have done an important social task engaging in the initiatives created by our Foundation in the fight against Covid-19. For this reason, taking into consideration the current situation, different solutions have been explored to minimize the impact of this crisis both for Real Betis and their fans.

1.- Return: cash or reduction in the Price of the 2020/2021 season tickets.
The Club will return the amount corresponding to the five remaining home games that will be played behind closed doors. This amount has been established in 20% of the price of the current season.
This percentage has been calculated taking into consideration the games categories, establishing a difference between Class A matches, due to the demand and single-ticket prices (Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Sevilla FC) and Class B (rest).

Real Betis renounce to the percentage of the additional bonus included in the season ticket and that could be enjoyed by the holders during the season. For example, the discounts to buy tickets, access to promoted tickets for games played away, or the right to economic services for the holders.
The return of said 20% can be done in two ways:

o   Cash return.

o   Reduction of the corresponding amount in the Price of the 2020/2021 season ticket.

Real Betis will inform in the future about the schedule for season tickets renovations. Knowing the situation that some holders may have in this complicated situations, will keep the holders' number and seniority for one year in case they cannot make the renovation.


2.- Compensation in 'Betis Money'

Real Betis have also created other compensation mechanisms to minimize the impact of this difficult crisis.

In the case that a season ticket holder did not want to exercise his right to a return, they could acquire 'Betis Money' with a value of 120% over the amount that they would be entitled to. For example, if Real Betis owed them 80 Euros, they would have 96 Euros in 'Betis Money'. This amount can be used to purchase exclusive products and services. The list of products and services will be explained in a specific website.

3- Donation to Real Betis Balompié
Lastly, the holder has the option to donate the amount he has the right to receive to Real Betis. This is a proposal that comes from the fans and would help to minimize the impact this will have in the Club's economy. It would also help to continue with the social work done by Real Betis and the RBB Foundation.

To thank the fans for their donations, the Club will create a special shirt for the 2020/2021 season for the team to wear in one match. This shirt will have their names printed and will be displayed in the Club's museum. This shirt will not be on sale for the general public and only the holders who donated will be able to buy it with a 50% discount. They will also have a 20% discount on the products and services that can be bought with 'Betis Money'.