Quique Setién, during the game.

Setién: “It’s not enough for us, we wanted to win and add points”

Press conference

Quique Setién has addressed the media at Wanda Metropolitano after the game against Club Atlético de Madrid.

Match analysis: "We had that first chance from Loren in which he was in front of the keeper and we could have taken the lead and make the match more difficult for Atletico. Sometimes you don't have enough against teams like this. It's not easy because they are really disciplined in defence, they have really strong players, built for the job they do. It's not easy to harm them. I think today we did what we could. We would like to have done a bit mote but we have to bear in mind the team we had in front. They were really tidy and pressed us really well. In those moments in which we managed to get out, we got to their end, but they are a team that also runs really well back into defence. And if they have to defend with all their players behind like they did in the final minutes, they do. It's not easy."

The team was better in the first half than in the second: "Sometimes is normal in the transitions from defence to attack, and the other way around as well, against a team like this, that they sometimes send a long ball upfront and force you to fall back and start over. They are really strong physically and it's not easy to keep up with their pace and intensity. In the moments when we were sharper on the ball, we controlled the game, we had the possession and we played a lot on their half of the pitch. It's really hard to keep the ball against them. They pushed harder in the second half. We lost some balls because of their pressing and we lacked the precision and clarity to manage the ball and have longer possessions. We had to defend more than we did in the first half. I'm happy because you have to consider what a team this is. It's not easy to come here and control the ball for most of the game, create danger like we did in some plays and have them wasting time in the final minutes, It's not enough for us, though, because you always want to win and add points, but we can be content. We are still one step behind this team and even more playing at their home."

Guardado: "He had some problems in his hamstring. We won't know how serious it is until we dome some tests. We have now two weeks to get him back."

Balance of the season so far: "Now we have two weeks to rest and then we have seven game sin three weeks. I think the balance is, in general, good. Regarding points, I think we have fewer than we deserve. We've kept and ascending line so far. Regarding the way we play, I think the team's been great. Most of the players who have played, which is all of them, have been really close to their full potential. I think we have to be satisfied. It's true that we are creating more than finishing but I'm sure that will change and we'll score more because the way we play. Not today, but in general we always have more chances than the rival, more possession, and we have played better than our opponent. We are satisfied because we have performed well, we are in good position in the table. We can look forward to the future with optimism."