Quique Setién.

Setién: “We’ve been awful, there are no excuses”

Press conference

Quique Setién has addressed the media after the game against CD Leganés.

Creation of plays: "We usually takes this risk to create attacking plays. The idea is that, in the three or four times we managed today to overcome the pressure, you create something upfront. That's what we get out of those plays. If you create nothing in the two or three you may have, you may think you are risking too much. It usually works for us but there's always that risk of giving chances to the rival. It's something that goes in our DNA and, looking at it with perspective, it has always paid off."

Defeats at Butarque: "It's a difficult stadium. I said it along the week. Even before the match against Valencia we said it. We had to change the mentality for this match. It does not have anything to do with the playing style. These teams play long balls and they have strong people upfront. You can't display your usual pressing because they clear the ball and go for second plays. We struggle against these situations. We struggle to change our style. There are no excuses. In the first plays of the game it was plain to see that were lacking that point of aggressivity to defend, to fight in second plays, to go for the ball, and that was this game was asking for. It's true that sometimes it's difficult to use the weapons this team uses because we are not used to it. It's different if we look at what we did with the ball. We were not able either. It was a huge problem that has helped them. We were really imprecise, we couldn't keep the ball and hurt them. We did nothing well today."

Squad depth: "Today the players were prepared and focused. Apart from Feddal, who was sick during the week. The suspensions of Mandi and Junior also made us play some lads in strange positions for them. The team is in good form, we've proven it. It's February and we're alive in the three competitions. This game was difficult to prepare because we had a very demanding match not even 72 hours ago. And they schedule this game for the morning, which is also another problem. The reality is that the team was all right, except for some details, to play this match. This is the reality, there are no excuses. The only silver lining is that this won't affect us for the future. It has happened before. This a mentally strong team and we'll overcome this and we'll face the important game we have on Thursday in France with everything."

Jesé: "He's a player that we know will take a nit a longer to be in his best shape. He's been without competing for a long time. But he will give us a lot. We wanted him and that's why he's here. Maybe we had other needs that didn't come, but you can't always get what you want. Not only for economic reasons but because there were some players who did not want to come. We have squad versatile enough, with players who can act in different positions."

Match preparation: "All the players were perfectly aware of what we were going to find on the pitch. We knew how difficult it was going to be. You don't really know if it's because we couldn't take them on or because the players were not as good as they should have been. I also assume the responsibility I have in this, maybe my plan was not the correct one. I don't know. We have to analyse it. These things sometimes happen in football. We have to move on and accept our blame. I'm sure many fans are not happy at all today with the team and with me. But this is football. We'll try to move on, as we have done before. We'll analyse the game for some things not to happen again."