Seven candidates will opt to design the new Real Betis stadium

The firms that will participate in the final phase, both national and international companies, were present at Benito Villamarín to learn the prerequisites that the new venue must have

The Project New Stadium, one of main points of Real Betis Strategic Plan 2022/26, keeps taking shape. On the 7th of March, the Club published the opening of an international competition in architecture to build the new West Stand and actions on the inside and outside elements of the North, East and South Stands; the design of the roof; as well as the intervention on the surroundings.

The institution received the required documents of 30 candidates. Of them, 7 will be in the final process and have to send their proposals before the 15th of June. The firms that make up the seven candidates, are as follow, listed in alphabetical order: 

3.- IDOM (ESP) + SV60 (ESP)

The Club hosted, at Benito Villamarín Stadium, the representatives of the different firms that will participate in the final phase. The studios received, first hand, information about the prerequisites that the new Stadium must meet and the main characteristics.

Javier Doña, director of the Project New Stadium, explained the conceptual model of the new venue, which, as he explained, must be finished by June 2026. "The Stadium is the heart of 21st Century football clubs, both at sentimental and at financial level. Stadiums have a soul and it needs to be respected, but adapting it to what the Club wants. We want to transform the Stadium into a business model that goes beyond match days. This is not just your stadium, it is your home. And it has an impact on all the business lines, on our audience, on our commercial value. We want a top Stadium, comfortable, welcoming for Betis fans, and open 365 days a year. The design needs to project Betis brand, make it an icon in the city, a place that needs to be visited, and an entertainment centre", explained Doña.

The director of the Project New Stadium continued explaining in further detail the elements the new venue must have. "We are an open club and we have to show it on the Stadium. We want to invite the fans to take part in our party. We want to communicate this message with the design. It has to be welcoming, full of light, where the fans can move easily. We need more comfort, more services, more leisure and entertainment options, adapting to the future, and flexible for later modifications. History, essence, future", he added.

Doña also talked about the advantages that the current Benito Villamarín has: its urban location and its capacity, 60,000 spectators, which, as the director said, makes it a suitable candidate to host a UEFA Champions League final. "We are in a group of only 17 stadiums in the five big leagues in Europa that can host 60,000 spectators or more, and only 11 of them are inside the city. We want to build a future for the Club and the Stadium is one of the cornerstones of the Strategic Plan 2022/26", finished Doña.

During the presentation, technical details and urban requirements of the project were explained, as well as other aspects such as inclusivity and sustainability. Once the window for the reception of the final proposals and designs, the Club will notify, in July, the candidate that will execute the Project New Stadium.