Canales, during the game.

MATCH REPORT | Bad start of the year (2-1)

The team lost against SD Huesca

Real Betis began the new year in the worst possible way with a defeat at SD Huesca. The team did not play well in the entire game, but got the lead through a penalty scored by Sanabria. However, the locals came back and scored twice in five minutes.

First game of 2019 for Betis, that visited for the first time in the top division El Alcoraz Stadium. Below zero temperatures at kick off time at Huesca, making the conditions a bit unpleasant. After the start, the Green and Whites were trying to get the possession, while the home team awaited in the back and were defending well.

Betis claimed penalty after just seven minutes when Francis was brought down inside the box, but nothing was given. The first chance was for the locals through Miramón, who tried with an effort that Pau saved.

In spite of Betis trying to control the game, Huesca were creating more danger, although no clear occasions. More possession but less depth in attack, with many imprecisions in the final third, were not allowing the team to progress. Also, the locals were quite tidy in defence.

The next chance, close to half time already, was for Ferreiro, who tried with a curled shot that Pau saved. The game resumed after half time and did so with no changes in any of the teams.

The match resumed in a similar way to the whole first half. Low pace, more possession for Betis, and Huesca well settled in defence, but it looked the Green and Whites were attacking more. In fact, in the 53rd minute, Etxeita tackled Tello inside the box and the referee whistled for penalty. Sanabria took the responsibility and scored after the keeper deflected the ball.

In the following play, Huesca had their best in the game. Miramón shot from close-range but Pau made a sensational save. The rebound was finished by Hernández who missed to an empty net. Th clearest so far was for Betis in a play in which Tello run towards the goal. Canales on the other wing and just one defender, but when Tello passed the ball to Canales, he did not clear the rival.

Big mistake in the beginning of a play from Tello and Huesca got in advantage inside the box. Gallar delivered a good cross to the far post where Ferreiro headed it in. Betis were struggling and the home team kept pushing. To make matters worse, they doubled the lead. A free kick delivered to the heart of the box where the defence cleared it. The ball was volleyed into the back of the net by Rivera.

The team tried until the end but the locals resisted and got the three points.


SD Huesca: Santamaría, Miramón, Etxeita (Ávila 58'), Pulido, Ínsua, Akapo, Rivera, Moi Gómez, Melero (Gallar 66'), Ferreiro, Cucho Hernández (Sastre 84').
Goals: Ferreiro (73'), Rivera (78').
Hernández (41'), Etxeita (44'), Moi Gómez (85').

Real Betis Balompié: Pau López, Francis (Joaquín 80'), Mandi, Bartra, Feddal (Guardado 58'), Tello, Javi García, Carvalho, Canales, Sanabria, Loren (Lo Celso 58').
Goals: Sanabria, p. (54').
Feddal (8'), Francis (77').

Referee: Ricardo de Burgos Bengoetxea.