Quique Setién.

Setién: “We lost by our own hand”

Press conference

Quique Setién addressed the media at El Acoraz after the game against SD Huesca.

Match analysis: "None of the team has the control. It was an open game without many chances until the second half, when there were some more but not control at all. The main reason why we didn0t have the control is because we were not accurate with the ball. We had many imprecisions and lost the ball many times, and that didn't allow us to have continuity and play the way we usually do. Each loss was big problem. You give options to the rival. We had the game in our hand in the second half, we had it under control. We scored and then we had a really easy one to be 0-2 and we didn't. Then, they scored the two goals. There have been many imprecisions along the game."

The rival: "Every team puts you under pressure. It's true we didn't expect this loss. They are a good team, no disrespect, but we lost the game by our own hand. Not just because of the goals and mistakes, but the things we usually do well and we didn't today. We didn't have the control that would have allowed us to harm them."

Defeat: "It's hard, as all they are. We didn't expect this. We were excited to begin with a victory this month in which we'll have a lot of matches. Today we didn't play well. It doesn't matter they are last in the table, we see the reality every week. Victories are really hard to get, it's difficult to play every game and we were excited to keep ourselves in the top part. It's nothing but a defeat, the team will come back to their feet. We'll try to fix our mistakes to be back where we want to be, up there."