Quique Setién.

Setién: “This is probably the worst game we’ve made in the whole year”

Press conference

Real Betis Balompié head coach, Quique Setién, has addressed the media after the game at Coliseum Alfonso Pérez.

Match análisis: "This is probably the worst game we've made in the whole year. Except for the first 10 minutes, when we were good, the rival has been fairly superior for the rest of the game. We have not been able to read the match better. We were really imprecise. We didn't find the way at any moment and we couldn't have the ball and create chances. We were not good at all. We have to accept that. We didn't have much to prepare it but we knew how it was going to be. The rival was clearly better. Nothing else to say."

Defeat: "We tried to change a lot of things along the game, even in the first half. We tried to improve and have the ball for longer and create danger but then we concede those two goals consecutively. We had the hope to change things after half time but when it's not your day, you make many mistakes. We knew the game we were going to find. It's a hard game, very demanding physically. We lacked that tension. I'm sure that it's not because we didn't want to. We didn't have almost time enough to prepare the game or to rest before such a demanding game. It could be seen from the beginning that we were lacking something. Today the rival has been superior and we could not develop what we know how to do. We suffer without the ball."

Only five goals in LaLiga: "We are having trouble to score but we have created enough chances in all the games to have scored more. Not today. We did not create chances except for two shots and the passes could have been better. The team was not in today, that's the truth. We know that you have to score in football. Some may get alarmed and think this is serious problem. It's not. Once we start scoring, we'll do it more frequently. Today is special, we were not ourselves. This is the best game so far in LaLiga that the rival has been better than us, the first one in which we are worse and don0t do anything we worked before. We knew it was going to be difficult, but we did not expect this defeat. We thought we could make it, we did it last year. We have been conditioned by playing Thursday night, the trip, we didn't have time to rest or train. I'm no trying to make up excuses because this how it works. This maybe places us where we belong. We can beat anyone but anyone can beat us."